Dinky Dolphin 8"

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This little dolphin calf loves to eat fish and squid while he's out playing with his dolphin friends. Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals, friendly looking and playful too!

Why not choose me and bring me to life with this fun and creative kit – and I’ll be your life-long friend! My kit contains everything you need including my pre-sewn animal skin, wish star, stuffing, birth certificate, deluxe carry-home bag (design may vary), invitations and full instructions so you can’t go wrong! I am stuffed through a hole in the back and then sealed with a one-way zipper closure. You can record a personal message or add a pre-recorded animal sound. You can personalise me with a customised T-shirt or visor, or dress me in an outfit from the extensive range of teddy bear clothes and bear accessories.

One special reminder - make sure you give me lots of bear hugs!

All animals are safety tested, meet CE requirements and are suitable for children of three and upwards.

Price £6.00