How do I make my bear ?

Choose a skin from the huge range of Be My Bear products available. There is a choice of bears and animals for everyone’s budget with creatures of different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. Make your selection from the 8, 12 or 15 inch range of teddies and animals whether you partial to crocodiles or puppies, rabbits or flamingos, the choice is endless.




Bear StuffingStuff and fluff your bear or animal with our super-soft stuffing made from deluxe poly fibre. You can make ted as slim or as plump and soft or as firm as you like – whatever you decided you’ll love him or her for ever! Tease out the stuffing, so that it is soft and fluffy. Begin by filling the legs, making them as soft or as firm as they like. Next stuff the arms; don't overstuff as this can damage the fabric, but make sure the stuffing is evenly distributed. You do not have to use all the stuffing provided, just as much as you like. Continue stuffing until the bear is nice and cuddly.



Rub the star charm and make a special wish, then place inside ted’s chest. Picture 0061 The back has a zipper closure so make sure you have finished stuffing before you zip it up. Once you have done this, remove the thread from the zipper. This will now be secure and will not re-open.  There is a Velcro fastening for a neat finish.  A protective fabric strip may be attached to the Velcro which has to be removed before you can seal the animal.  If for any reason you do need to re-open the back you can insert a needle into the eye of the zipper and ease it down. This must only be done by an adult.




Teddy Bear Voice BoxIf you have ordered voice boxes now is the time to record your message. If you make a mistake you can re-record but we recommend you only record a couple of times as this will use up the battery quickly and will reduce the number of play times. Follow the easy recording instructions, then place the voice box inside the bear either in the tummy or in the paw with the play button facing upwards.  (For pre-recorded sound modules pull the tab from the back of the box to activate the batteries and squeeze to play sound).




Personalise your teddy bearNow for the naming ceremony, one of the most important parts of personalising your bear. Choose a name and fill in the birth certificate as well as entering the date and place of birth.

At Be My Bear we have a fantastic range of outfits and accessories for every occasion. Boys may like to dress their bear in our range of superheroes costumes while girlie girls always love the pink princess gowns and fairy dresses. Team with trainers or satin shoes or for a night-time bear opt for super soft snuggly slippers – there’s something for every ted’s wardrobe


Accessorise your bear

Why not accessorise with a plain T-shirt which can be personalised using our fabric pens, or choose from a range of pre-printed T-shirts from pirates to birthday cakes to colour in.





Party Bears

Give your bear a big hug and introduce him or her to your friends.






Friends get together for a bear party