Terence Turtle 8"

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A tiny hatchling to add to your reptile collection.  Terence is lovely and soft to snuggle up with.  Be sure to look after him as he's only a baby!

Why not choose me and bring me to life with this fun and creative kit – and I’ll be your life-long friend! My kit contains everything you need including my pre-sewn animal skin, wish star, stuffing, birth certificate, deluxe carry-home bag (design may vary), invitations and full instructions so you can’t go wrong! I am stuffed through a hole in the back and then sealed with a one-way zipper closure. You can record a personal message or add a pre-recorded animal sound. You can personalise me with a customised T-shirt or visor, or dress me in an outfit from the extensive range of teddy bear clothes and bear accessories.

One special reminder - make sure you give me lots of bear hugs!

All animals are safety tested, meet CE requirements and are suitable for children of three and upwards.

Price £6.00