Webkinz Animals

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 ..Welcome to the World of Webkinz an online playground for our huggable pets . If you haven’t yet come across this virtual world, then here’s a taster.

Each pet carries a secret code that allows children to adopt their pet, and enter this special world. This is an on-line play area for children which is safe, fun and educational. It contains everything that you would expect to find in a large town or city from homes and shops to playgrounds and hospitals. Children learn to care for their pets, feeding and clothing them. They also learn about money earning KinzCash by answering general knowledge questions and completing daily activities.They can then buy treats and toys for their online playmate. But it’s not all about learning – there are games to play, trivia challenges and lots of fun to be had in our world of Webkinz.

  1. Buy your ready stuffed soft toy pet with its secret code.
  2. Log on to www.Webkinz.com to enter your secret code and adopt your pet.
  3. Play and learn in Webkinz World.

Approx. 16cm, sizes vary.