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Action 16" Party Pack & White T-Shirts

Action 16" Party Pack & White T-Shirts

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An amazing 16" party pack themed around action animals including cheetahs, lions, wolves and more with white t-shirts for even more fun! This party pack includes many of our favourite Make Anywhere Bear kit lines and comes complete with everything needed to host a bear making birthday party for 10 children. Each pack comes complete with 10 bear and animal skins, 10 packs of stuffing, 10 wish-upon-a-star charms, 10 birth certificates and 10 deluxe carry bags not to mention 10 white t-shirts.

The bear/animal characters included in this pack are: Camo Bear (2), Cheetah (2), Sir Roaralot (2), Griz Grizzly (2), Wiley Wolf (2) and White T-Shirts (10).

Occasion Birthday Party
Size 16"
Type Mixed Bears / Animals

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