How to organise the best Teddy Bear Picnic Party

April 29, 2019 Ted Bear

If you go down to the woods today… why not take a picnic with you. Don’t forget your teddy bear of course and the hamper and the gingham table cloth...

You can just picture the ‘happy families scene’ – straight out of the pages of an upmarket glossy with rosy cheeked children hugging Steiff bears on a checked picnic rug, drinking homemade lemonade and delicately nibbling vegan sandwiches. The reality of course as we all know is very different – a picnic thrown together at the last minute with whatever leftovers you have in the fridge, ants in your pants because the rug is missing from the car and tired bickering kids.

But if you have the time and the inclination you can actually pull off the perfect hassle free teddy bears’ picnic without too much expense - just read our tips and begin your countdown to Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day – can you believe someone has actually allocated an official day of celebration – on 10th July. But who’s complaining ?!!

1. Most importantly a teddy bears’ picnic would not be a teddy bears’ picnic without teddy bears – take as many as the children can comfortably carry as the adults will usually have the task of carrying all the picnic baskets.

2. Make sure you have plenty of rugs or collapsible chairs if you have older family members joining you.

3. Use recyclable paper plates and cups – better for the environment and no washing up for you when you get home. Otherwise take your plastic cups or bottles to avoid breakages. Use cold boxes and ice packs to keep your food fresh and put any extras into separate containers. Take plenty of kitchen roll, serviettes and flannels for sticky faces and fingers.

4. Get into the kitchen with the children the day before and use our easy recipes for cakes and biscuits - see our recipe page.

5. Make sandwiches on the day of the picnic – if you want to add that extra special something use teddy bear or other shaped cutters – they look pretty but there is a lot of wastage. Otherwise just cut off the crusts as the children are more likely to eat the whole sandwich if it is presented in this way. Other finger foods which travel happily in a cool bag are chicken drumsticks and mini sausages, which you can buy pre-cooked, and mini scotch eggs and pork pies which go down a treat.

6. Don’t forget your crisps – vegetable crisps are a healthier alternative – and plenty of fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, apples and easy peel satsumas – bananas don’t tend to travel well.

7. Once the picnic tea is over and the children and bears have been fed, the games can begin and the kids and their teds can burn up some energy !

Hide The Teddy always gets the party going and if you are out in the countryside or park there are plenty of secret hidey holes for ted. Choose one of the bears to hide and then get the children to cover their eyes and count to 20 and then begin the search. Advise them if they are hot or cold as they get closer or further away from the bear.

Hold a teddy bear relay race with two teams if you have the numbers. Choose a different bear and line the children up along a course you have marked out with another two bears at either end. Children run from one end to the other handing their bear to the next child when they have reached their starting point. If the bear is dropped the child must return to the beginning and start again.

Put all the bears in the middle of the picnic rug with the children holding the edges like a parachute – toss them up into the air and see whose bear goes the highest.

Play Walk Like a Bear and Growl Like a Bear. Daddy Bear takes big steps – so call out Daddy steps – Mummy Bear takes medium steps so call out Mummy steps – Baby Bear takes baby steps, brother bear hops on one foot, sister bear hops on both feet, polar bear walks on all fours etc The children must all hold their bears while they are playing the parts. Do the same for bear sounds – with soft growls, loud growls etc

Toss the Bear – line the children up and get them to throw their bear into the picnic basket or cool box – see how many bears they can get pot.

Finally you could choose to award the best bear in each category – funniest name of bear, happiest looking bear, saddest looking bear, softest bear, best dressed bear, smallest bear, biggest bear, most colourful bear etc You get the idea.

And there you have it – your guide to the best teddy bears’ picnic ever and with any luck following a day of fun and fresh air both teddy bears and their owners will opt for an early night leaving the grown-ups to enjoy their own little party !

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