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March 2, 2018 Ted Bear

Be My Bear recently got the chance to work with wife, mum of two and blogger Jane over at Our Little Escapades, and with the help of her two children they reviewed two of our Make Anywhere Bear kits in the form of Funky Daddy Frog and Winnie the Pink Kitty. Both of her children loved making the kits, and even the super-soft stuffing was a huge success in itself, regularly being rubbed against their cheeks because of its super fluffiness! We were lucky enough that Jane managed to capture the whole bear making experience on film, so we could also share the magical experience a Be My Bear can bring to children young or old.

Little E building Winnie The Pink Kitty

Little E had a great time stuffing and fluffing Winnie, she especially loved the feel of the soft stuffing on her face and once made decided to keep Winnie rather than put her away in her Be My Bear carry bag. Winnie is also now part of her bedtime routine and sits proudly on Little E's bed which we're thrilled about; after all you can never have too many best friends!

Ethan building Funky Daddy Frog

Ethan also enjoyed building his bright Funky Frog and playing with the stuffing like his sister Little E. We're also pleased to hear that Ethan has kept Funky Frog around even though he doesn't usually have the same connection to soft toys as Little E does!

We'd like to thank Jane and her children and if you'd like to read the review in full, please head on over to the Our Little Escapades blog now.

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