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June 16, 2021 Be My Bear

Where did last year go? Can you even remember what you did ? The months sped by in a haze of queues, zoom calls, tussles in Tesco over depleted supplies of toilet rolls and hand sanitisers and those omnipresent masks and tape, marking out two metre slots. Those groundhog days were punctuated by a series of lockdowns and releases and have left us still very much in limbo in spite of the success of the mass vaccination programme. The days of home schooling and home working came and went with the only highlights being those high days and holidays that marked a welcome change from the tedium of the moment.

For some, birthdays presented an opportunity to discard the daytime PJ’s and joggers to dress up and celebrate albeit via Zoom. Easter passed without big family celebrations, but there were still opportunities to create something different. We all missed the hugs on Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day but we had a virtual or a distant equivalent to celebrate. We seized on those celebratory days because it gave us that semblance of some sort of normality in the same way that the changing seasons reminded us that the natural world carried on regardless.

Many of those traditional celebratory days will take on a greater importance this year now we can spend time with our family and friends and make up for a year of sacrifices.  Whether our loved ones live near or far, we are giving more consideration to personalised gifts emphasising our new focus on family.

Be My Bear’s Message Bears will carry your special greeting and guarantee to put a smile on the face of someone you love and have missed over the past year. They offer the perfect solution for unique gift ideas for Father’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Birthdays, Easter or Christmas. Record your 20 second voice message - don’t worry if you get it wrong first time, you can always record it again - and pop it into the pocket of your bear or animal. Teds will bear your message whatever the occasion, or if you just  want to say “I love you” or “I am sorry “ - they are ideal for all seasons and all reasons and will become a treasured keepsake triggering happy memories of a pre pandemic age.

To keep things personal you could go the extra mile and add a T shirt which could be personalised with your own creative design or a just send us a photograph which we can reproduce on the teddy T shirt.

And an added bonus - if the road map has to be altered, tougher restrictions are re-imposed and human contact is put on hold, you can’t go wrong enjoying the biggest of bear hugs with a ted who can talk !

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