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Cheetah 8" Animal Kit
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  • Cheetah 8" Animal Kit
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Cheetah 8" Animal Kit

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Our fast and nimble cheetah has a golden brown coat with black spots and white paws and belly.

This kit contains Cheetah 8" bear skin, super-soft stuffing, heart charm, birth certificate, party invitation and deluxe carry bag.

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Our Cheetah is a cute and cuddly animal with a golden brown coat with black spots, white paws and belly. Cheetah is a member of the eight inch range of build anywhere animals from Be My Bear. Cheetah is a large cat from Kenya in East Africa and unfortunately its species is in decline due to habitat loss and many other factors. Amazingly the cheetah is the fastest land animal and can achieve speeds of up to 70mph in short bursts. Cheetahs hunt for food which can range from smaller prey such as rabbits and birds to larger animals like gazelles and impalas. Cheetahs use their amazing camouflage skills to hide in tall grasses and sneak up on prey, then relying on their speed and agility to quickly strike. Did you know that the cheetah is the only big cat in the feline family that cannot roar?

Cheetah is suitable for children aged three and over and is an ideal birthday gift or great for teddy bear making birthday parties. As with all of Be My Bear's teddy bear and stuffed animal making kits you will receive your Cheetah skin with one-way zipper, a bag of soft and fluffy stuffing, our satin make-a-wish heart charm to bring Cheetah to life, a birth certificate, party invitations and instructions. To complete the package we also include a luxury gift bag so Cheetah can be carried around in style.

Personalise by adding outfits, accessories and add-ons from the many ranges available at Be My Bear or why not purchase blank t-shirts along with fabric pens to truly complete this fun gift!

Size 8"
Family Cat
Occasion No

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