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Teddy Bears Picnic Downloadables

If you go down to the woods today... You're going to need lots of friends and stuffed animals for a fun-filled Teddy Bears Picnic! Luckily Be My Bear has done all of the hard work for you and provided some great free party invitations and other downloadables for you to get your paws on!

Free Teddy Bears Picnic Downloads
Popular Teddy Bears Picnic Products
16 inch Bow Tie Bear
16 inch Rainbow Bear
10 inch Ted Bear
10 inch Bertie Brown Bear
12 inch Cupcake Bear

Superhero Downloadables

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's SuperBear! Both boys and girls can enjoy a superhero themed party. Filled with colourful costumes, fab food and of course your little superheroes themselves. Get a headstart with your party planning by grabbing our free superhero downloadables below.

Free Superhero Downloads
Popular Superhero Products
10 inch BayBoy Outfit
10 inch SpiderBear Outfit
16 inch BatBear Outfit
16 inch SpiderBear Outfit
16 inch SuperTed Outfit

Princess Downloadables

Who will be the belle of the ball during your Princess themed party? Whoever it is, make sure the party runs smoothly and doesn't end in cinders with our Princess party downloadables located below, ideal for inviting the beast-ly boys and the price charmings too!

Free Princess Downloads
Popular Princess Products
10 inch Fairytail Gown
10 inch Pink Snow Dress
16 inch Sparkle Inicorn Kit
16 inch Blossom Bear Kit
10 inch Pink Pony Kit

Fairy Downloadables

Whether your little one is a Tinkerbell or just a little tinker, a fairy party can be a magical and beautiful theme with lots of fun to be had by all attending. Our free fairy downloadables will kick-start your party preparations, just add your own fairy dust to finish them off.

Free Fairy Downloads
Popular Fairy Products
16 inch Deluxe Fairy Dress
16 inch Purple Fairy Butterfly
16 inch Starburst Bear Kit
10 inch Sunshine Bear Kit
10 inch Baby Bubblegum Bear Kit