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Funky Frog 8" Animal Kit
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  • Funky Frog 8" Animal Kit
  • No Sewing Required

Funky Frog 8" Animal Kit

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A funky green frog with yellow and blue markings ready to hop into your life.

This kit contains Funky Frog 8" animal skin, super-soft stuffing, heart charm, birth certificate, party invitation and deluxe carry bag.

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Funky Frog stands out from the crowd with her bright green skin shot through with yellow and blue markings and her dazzling emerald green eyes. She doesn’t need to drink water because she absorbs it through her skin but she loves to eat all manner of flies, mosquitoes, and moths. Some members of her family who are much larger than her will eat mice, snakes, baby turtles and even other frogs which she doesn’t like to think about !! With her long back legs, our froggy friend can jump more than twenty times her own body length which is like a human jumping 30 metres and her eyes and nose are on the top of her head so that she can breathe and see when her body is under water. She is brightly coloured to deter predators who think she is poisonous as a result and she will never forget her age because when she is hibernating in the winter her bones form a new ring – just like trees- so that each ring represents another year of her life. She moults once a week and then eats her dead skin which she finds very tasty and she can lay as many as 4,000 eggs in frogspawn which will eventually develop into tadpoles and then little by little, leg by leg into baby frogs.

Size 8"
Family Frog
Occasion No

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