Guide: How to replace a battery in our sound recorders

When the battery of your sound recorder finally runs out you don't need to worry about losing your precious recording.  Your sound is safely stored on the internal memory if your sound recorder, even without battery power.  Please note that the battery replacement process can be a little fiddly so it may be worth finding a willing friend to help out if you don't feel confident opening up the sound recorder and following the instructions below.

NOTE: You'll need 3 LR44 batteries and 1 x flat head screwdriver.

Battery Replacement Guide

  • Place your sound recorder on a flat, clean surface and turn the dial on your sound recorder to the position marked "P" (which stands for play).
  • Carefully remove the sound recorders plastic cover using your screwdriver and taking extra care not to damage the sound recorder.
  • Remove the old batteries from your sound recorder and replace them with the 3 LR44 batteries you have previously purchased.
  • Finally replace the plastic cover on your sound recorder making sure that the dial on your sound recorder is still in the position marked “P” (which stands for play). Test your sound recorder and return it to your Be My Bear teddy bear or stuffed animal.
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