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From your little angle losing their first tooth to a special keepsake from a loved one who is gone but not forgotten, Memory Bears from Be My Bear make the perfect, customisable gift which will be treasured forever. The bear or animal itself comes with a 20 second sound recorder to record a special message, sound or piece of music as well as having a sealable, Velcro pouch which allows you to conceal your keepsakes for safe keeping. Whatever the occasion, our Memory Bears are the perfect addition to the family and allow memories to live on forever.

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Memory Bears from Be My Bear

20 Second Sound Recorder

Make your gift a truly memorable one with the included 20 second sound recorder which can be used to record special messages, sounds, songs and pieces of music for the recipient. After your record the sound on the recorder it can be added to your Memory Bear to play every time it's belly is squeezed. Made a mistake during recording? That's fine, our recorder allows you to record a new message before locking the device for safely storing inside your teddy.

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Personalise Your Memory Bear

For that truly customised Memory Bear why not consider personalising your gift with one of Be My Bear's fabulous accessories? We even have custom printed t-shirts which can really make your gift extra-special.


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