Our Craftsmanship

This is how legends are made

Whether as a lovely gift at Christmas, a token of your love on Valentine's Day or as a birthday party activity for excited children, don't settle for teddy bears and animals that no one will love...  Be My Bear use carefully selected plush, the softest stuffing and years of experience combined with the finest craftsmanship to produce the most huggable, unique and beautiful award-winning furry friends.  Don't be let down by inferior copy-cat designs, trust Be My Bear and you'll have a furry friend for life.

Each of our bears and animals are designed in either the United Kingdom or the USA before being produced in factories in China which are part-owned by our partner The Bear Factory, a family-owned company based in Michigan, "The Great Lakes State" in the USA.

The highest quality materials


The plush used to create our bears and animal friends is sourced because of it's amazing soft quality and also because it meets and often exceeds the strict safety standards set out by the UK, EU and USA for childrens toys. When it comes to a teddy bear or stuffed animal, we know that when we choose the finest quality components, our bears and animals will be loved for years to come.


The stuffing used by us here at Be My Bear is a high grade polyester fibre which helps give our teddy bears and animal friends their amazing 'huggability'.  We're pleased that reviewers of our products often comment on how soft our stuffing is, and many children have lots of fun playing with the stuffing before using it to make their new friends.

Zipper Closure

All of our bears and animals feature the locking zipper closure which is patented in the United States by our manufacturing partners The Bear Factory.  Since 2002 we have used this simple closure system which utilises a zipper with string attached to the zipper head which can then be removed after the stuffing process is completed.  This method of closure allows the zipper head to lock and secure the animal so children can no longer open the back of the animal.  This combined with the outer Velcro closure sets Be My Bear apart from the rest of the marketplace who utilise a zip-tie design to secure their animals.

Can't wait to feel that plush on your skin?

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