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Snowdon Dog 8" Animal Kit

Snowdon Dog 8" Animal Kit

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Our cute and cuddly floppy dog Snowdon with grey and white plush is ready to become your best friend.

This kit contains Snowdon Dog 8" animal skin, super-soft stuffing, heart charm, birth certificate, party invitation and deluxe carry bag.

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Snowdon, our super soft grey and white Heinz Variety is a little pup with a lot of attitude -not altitude ! even though he is named after his homeland Wales’ largest mountain. Some people think the mountain was given that name because it gets “snowed on “ but it comes from the Old English word for snow hill. Y Wyddfa is the Welsh translation of our little pup’s name and when he grows up and his legs are longer he plans to join the 520,000 people who climb the mountain every year making it the busiest in the UK. If he can’t manage both ways he can always hitch a ride on the train – either steam or diesel - which will take him to the summit. He loves all the legends and myths which are associated with Snowdon especially stories about King Arthur. One story tells of a giant living at the top of the mountain who made himself a cloak from the beards of the kings he had slain. King Arthur is said to have fought with the giant, killed him and buried him in a tomb on the summit. Not far away a young magician Merlin was said to have witnessed a battle between red and white dragon – the red dragon obviously won and became the symbol of Wales. Snowdon is hoping to make the trip soon, so is waiting to be stuffed and fluffed and brought to life with all the components found in this build–a-bear kit. He could even be made during the two and a half hour journey up in the train – with plenty of time left to enjoy the scenery.

Size 8"
Family Dog
Occasion No

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This was really cute when it arrived I order two ( one selected by a child and one to use as a party gift ). Excellent quality, instructions are easy to follow, came with party bag, invite and birth certificate. Children really enjoyed the party. We bought 12 bears in total, quick delivery and excellent service

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