Cuddle Fairy reviews a Be My Bear party pack!

May 30, 2018 Ted Bear

With children who love stuffed animals, we couldn't wait to hear about the fun they had during their Be My Bear party! The fun started much earlier though as Becky (Cuddle Fairy) browsed the Be My Bear website with her children, looking for the perfect party pack before their party. In the end they chose our 16" Snow Leopard Party Pack because they, "knew everyone would love it!" and the journey began...

The party pack was lovingly picked and packed by the staff at Be My Bear and the Snow Leopard's were sent on their journey to Ireland where they would be the star attraction of the upcoming party. It seems that Becky couldn't wait to take a look, so had a sneaky peak before her children got home from school on the Snow Leopard's arrival!

The children had fun writing out the included invitations for their friends and also got involved putting all of the components to make each Snow Leopard into our individual Be My Bear party bags ready for the big day. Becky also cut out some cardboard and placed it inside the white t-shirts, so the children would find it easier to draw on them (one of our great optional extras here at Be My Bear) as well as printing out pictures of our Snow Leopard for the passports (again an optional extra).

Becky was pleased to say that, "The party went off without a hitch! Honestly, all 10 kids had a blast. The older kids loved it and were well able to do everything themselves. The 4 & 5-year-olds needed help stuffing and filling out the birth certs and passports but loved every minute of it." There was also some amazing feedback by the children and parents attending which you can read over on the Be My Bear review on the Cuddle Fairy Blog.

You can also watch as they unboxed, prepared for and hosted their party on the video below.

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