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Be My Bear are committed to reducing our environmental impact through a range of initiatives both within our company and also by choosing the right partners when we engage the services of external businesses. Below we have listed the main areas of focus within Be My Bear and what we are doing to reduce our environmental impact across these important areas.

Teddy Bears & Animals

As the sole distributor for The Bear Factory, a company based in the USA we are pleased that their environmental ideology is very much aligned with our own. The Bear Factory have various schemes in place to help the environment including planting two trees for every box of teddy bear stuffing they sell to their customers. The Bear Factory also utilise a number of recycling programs, use energy efficient equipment throughout their business and have a programme in place to educate their team on sustainability and environmental impact.

The Bear Factory manufacturer all of their teddy bear products in China in their own state of the art factory which employs around 800 individuals. As well as regular factory visits, they also employ the services of an independent quality control company who run social compliance checks on these factories and also supervise quality checks.

Teddy Bear Stuffing

The stuffing supplied with our bear making kits or included inside our pre-stuffed lines (such as Heartbeat Bears and Gender Reveal Bears) includes safely reprocessed material from numerous waste streams such as garment manufacturers cutting room waste, rope waste, tyre cord waste, aramid hose waste, decommissioned umbilical cable waste, ballistic armour waste, redundant yarn waste and fabric waste. The processing of these waste materials for use in stuffing fibre is registered with the UK Government's Environment Agency.

Teddy Bear Customisation

The majority of our teddy bear customisation such as printed t-shirts for both personalised work and also new seasonal ranges on our website is now handled in-house meaning there is no need for additional "product miles", the shipping of products to be customised to a third party supplier which is then shipped back to Be My Bear once complete. By creating these products in-house, we are able to eliminate additional carbon emissions which would have been created by additional yet unnecessary product transport.

Office Environment

We are committed to using energy efficient office equipment and practices wherever possible in our day to day activities, this includes using computers which automatically switch to low-powered sleep mode when not in use for a number of minutes and printers which conform to the energy star standard, we also recently switched to low powered LED lighting throughout our office and even use recycled toiler paper! We also are committed to using environmentally focussed utility suppliers for our energy and water needs. Our energy supplier produces 43% of its energy from renewable and green initiatives and our water supplier generates 20% of its own energy through wind, hydro, solar and advance anaerobic digestion, with their remaining energy needs guaranteed to be green energy.

Paper & Packaging

As well as minimising our use of paper in the Be My Bear office, we also only use 100% recycled paper in our office printers and copiers. Wherever possible we also reuse packaging from our suppliers when sending out orders and all additional boxes purchased for use by Be My Bear feature the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo which is your assurance that these boxes are made from or contain wood that comes from FSC certified forests or post-consumer waste.

Delivery Partners

99% of our deliveries are processed by DPD and Royal Mail who we have carefully chosen for both their quality of service and also their eco credentials. DPD currently operate over 120 electric vehicles within their fleet which they plan to more than double by the end of 2020. Royal Mail also has a comprehensive environmental policy in place relating to the reduction of energy, waste and water.

Website Hosting

The Be My Bear website is hosted with the first carbon neutral hosting company in the UK who has achieved PAS 2060 certification from The British Standards Institution. Not only are the data centres used to host 100% certified carbon neutral, so are the offices of our hosting provider which shows their commitment to our environment and the reduction of the industry's carbon footprint.