About Us

Bears need people.  People need bears.

Be My Bear are the UK's original Build-Anywhere-Bear company.  We make beautiful, high quality teddy bears and stuffed animals, available as either build at home kits or readymade furry friends for those wanting that magical bear making experience.  The company was founded in 2001 from a kitchen table in Llandudno by life-long friends Pippa and Jane.  Today, Be My Bear serve thousands of customers worldwide and are still located in North Wales, albeit now with over 4,000 square foot of dedicated office and warehousing space.

Be My Bear operate as both a B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) company, but prefer to think of ourselves as B2H (bear to human)!  The fun, magical experiences we create for our customers and employees is a fundamental part of our core values and part of our company philosophy.  We're constantly motivated by the positive feedback we receive and by the happiness our bears and animals create.

Our incredible story

Be My Bear started on a kitchen table in 2001 in Llandudno, North Wales by friends Pippa Thomas and Jane Weaver.  Originally sourcing bears from the Far East, our bears were stored wherever space could be found, often encroaching on bedrooms and living areas.

After lots of dedication, late nights and hard work promoting the company at trade fairs and shows, demand started to grow and the company soon moved into their first warehouse in Llandudno.  Two years later in 2003, Be My bear won the Best Website award for companies with 1-25 employees at the Sage Business Awards in association with The Daily Telegraph.  By 2013, we had been listed at position 33 in The 50 Fastest Growing Businesses in Wales and the awards kept rolling in.

Now, the company is located in Colwyn Bay, a stone's throw from the North Wales sea-front with over 4,000 square foot of office and warehousing space as well as a dedicated retail shop.  As we continue to grow from strength to strength, we're proud to be the largest, independent Build-Anywhere-Bear supplier in the UK.

More than just bears

When Be My Bear was founded over 18 years ago, our owner Pippa Thomas realised that teddy bears and stuffed animals could be an extraordinarily powerful symbol for both children and adults.  Bears can be a friend, a confidant, a healer and many other things to anyone who is lucky enough to own one.

The teddy bears and stuffed animals we source and make are designed to inspire, connect with and bring happiness to their human companions, no matter how old they may be.

For loved ones

Whether as a gift for a family member or close friend, Be My Bear has the perfect furry companion that will be cherished forever.

For brands

Join brands such as The X-Factor, Hollyoaks and The Apprentice in choosing Be My Bear to represent you and your brand in style.

For fundraising

Whether for your school PTA or charity event join the likes of Blind Veterans UK and choose Be My Bear to help raise vital funds.

For you

With just a few clicks of a mouse or the screen on your mobile, you can join thousands of satisfied Be My Bear customers and gain a new friend for life.

The Be My Bear experience

From our craftsmanship to our amazing award-winning designs not to mention that all-important first cuddle, the Be My Bear experience is filled with magic and excitement and truly sets Be My Bear aside in the stuffed animal and bear making marketplace.  But did you know that to deliver on our quality promise and provide the "Be My Bear experience", the hard work starts much earlier than the day your order is delivered...  With our easy-to-use website and our customer service angels, each happy to offer advice and answer your questions the Be My Bear experience begins.  When an order is placed and moves through our picking process, it's then lovingly chosen by one of our tinkerers and carefully packed in just the right way before its journey direct to your door.

Although we strive to eliminate problems, if one does arise we also promise to deal with it in a timely manner, aiming ultimately to turn any problem into another positive experience with Be My Bear.  The Be My Bear experience is why our customers consistently rate us 5 out of 5 using an independent, Google trusted, third-party reviews platform.

Corporate responsibility

Here at Be My Bear, we're committed to helping build a sustainable and better world for future generations.  Change starts with small steps, which can lead to huge leaps quicker than you could imagine.  Be My Bear aim to be leaders in our industry, with processes in place to reduce waste and the use of plastics throughout our company as well as giving back by supporting charitable efforts both locally and further afield.  Our work in the community has seen us help raise vital funds to help both children and wildlife and our willingness to improve the environment in which we all live has resulted in huge positive changes in a short period of time.

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