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January 31, 2024 Be My Bear

At a time when schools are struggling for funds with the cost of living crisis putting additional strain on finances, PTA groups are being asked to step up and help fill the gaps in school funding. Fundraising is tough – it’s never easy asking people for money particularly when times are hard. But there are easy ways of topping up school funds  and having fun at the same time.

For those looking for novel ideas or the tried and tested events which just keep giving, here are some tips to help schools have fund and funds!


Non-uniform Day is always popular with children and teachers alike especially when it’s held on a Friday as the weekend countdown begins. Encourage the children to come in Mufti and get the teacher to dress up too, failing that fancy dress is always popular or even a hat to be won throughout the day with the penalty of a fine if it’s removed. Or what about a Go Green day celebrating our wonderful planet and encouraging sustainability and climate change awareness by wearing green or painting faces green – anything to get the message across. Charge the children a few pence for the privilege – look after the pennies as they say.


The ever popular school disco is a great fun and funds raiser – make extra money from drinks, crisps and sweeties or from glow sticks and necklaces as well as the cost of the ticket. Valentine’s Day is close so there is still time to put on a disco to celebrate the big day with the heart as the theme of the event.


The great uniform swap is in much demand these days with the costs of uniforms spiralling. Make a small charge on the exchange. For uniforms that can’t be rescued, turn into school bags for PE kit or sunhats from gingham summer dresses or lavender bags to sell at the summer fairs. Other talented PTA members are recycling old school uniforms into headbands, teddy bears and rosettes for school leavers, bunting and memory cushions. Nothing is wasted!


Cake sales are a particular favourite with children and parents baking and contributing cales and biscuits to the after school sale – a scrumptious cake and a contribution to school funds is a sweet goal. Why not ask the children to bring in their or their parents’ favourite recipes to create a school cook book. Children can illustrate their individual recipes and enjoy sharing ideas as part of the project. Bring and buy sales are also worth running as it gives households an opportunity to get rid of toys and clothes which are cluttering up playrooms and wardrobes.


Sports day is a great way of getting parents to take part in some of the events with a charge for each of their entries allowing them to compete in everything from egg and spoon races to skipping watched by embarrassed youngsters.


Easter, Summer and Christmas Fairs are the icing on the cake for schools and PTA fundraisers with opportunities to raise decent sums of money. Bring in face painters, balloon modellers and stall holders who could be selling everything from plants to pickles and jewellery to jams. You can charge the stallholders a fixed sum for the table or stand on the day or take a percentage of their takings at the end of the event.

Why not organize an event at the fairs such as a teddy bears’ picnic where the children bring their special bears with them and enjoy a drink and a piece of teddy cake. You could also set up a Build Your Own Bear’s workshop. Model it on the Build A Bear workshop where you have different stations with the children hand stuffing their bears, then moving to a fluffing and brushing station with combs and brushes, a naming station where the children fill in their birth certificates and a dressing area for that final touch. Be My Bear offer a range of teddy bear and animal making kits which can be stuffed, fluffed, named and dressed as part of an organised activity or sold on the day as a Teddy Takeaway for the children to make at home. Extra options include T-shirts which can be decorated and coloured in with fabric pens and stick-on gems, voice boxes to record a personal message and a range of outfits and accessories. Ask for our wholesale prices, then add an additional charge to boost your funds. You could set up a stall selling the outfits and accessories separately as pocket money extras for their bears.

How about organizing an open air cinema as a separate fundraiser or as part of a Summer or Christmas fair using a big screen, projector, a popular film, blankets to sit on and plenty of popcorn – and there you  have it - happy children, happy PTA and happy schools ! 

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