Running a virtual bear-making party using Zoom

During lock-down, have you considered running a virtual bear-making party using Zoom, an increasingly popular video call app which is being used for socialising. There's a free tier with unlimited meetings, but the free group chats are capped at 40 minutes.

Signing up to Zoom is easy. You just need a valid email address, then accept Zoom's privacy policy and their terms and sign up by downloading the app or going to the official website.

To host a meeting, load up the website or app. Log in, then click New Meeting and Start With Video. You then share a link to invite other people. If you receive a link to join a meeting (you still need to have Zoom installed) click it and you will be taken to the video conference

Anyone can sign up to Zoom by downloading the app, or heading to the official website.

If you are running a bear-making party, you need the email addresses of all those you want to invite. Choose the time and date for the party and email the link to your guests. If you are running a party with local friends and family, you can place one order for delivery to your address and then distribute the bears yourselves. Otherwise we can send out the individual kits to different addresses but there will be a delivery charge for each. It’s great way of celebrating a birthday in these days of lock-down – and what’s more you’ve only got to clear up after the birthday girl or birthday boy, and not 20-30 kids ! There’s always a positive !