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Bulldog 8" Animal Kit
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  • Bulldog 8" Animal Kit
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Bulldog 8" Animal Kit

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This white and brown bulldog is ready to paw himself into your heart!

This kit contains Bulldog 8" animal skin, super-soft stuffing, heart charm, birth certificate, party invitation and deluxe carry bag.

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Our adorable brown and white Bulldog puppy dog is looking for a happy home – he is extremely loyal, good with children, and seldom barks. On the down side he can be stubborn, is possessive about his food and is prone to snoring ! He is a gentle family companion today but originally he was bred to fight bulls for sport, a past which combined with his devotion and determination has made him the mascot of the United States Marine Corps.

He is proud to be recognised straightaway – not like lots of other breeds who people can’t name. He quite likes his wrinkled face, and big jowls and tells everyone how his breed is associated with the legendary John Bull - an 18th century fictional character who wore a Union Jack waistcoat over his big belly, loved roast beef and was always accompanied by a bulldog - he became the personification of England among cartoonists and writers.

His hero is Winston Churchill, partly because they look alike. The World War 2 Prime Minister loved animals and owned cats and dogs including a Bulldog called Dodo. They say pets and their owners look alike and he was a case in point - his jowly face, stocky body and determination to overcome the Nazi’s invasion of Europe ensured he became the embodiment of our heroic pooch.

Please don’t give our puppy too much exercise or stress because that can make it difficult for him to breathe. By the way he can’t swim so keep him away from water - but he is the ideal pet if you prefer cuddling up on the couch to walking in the rain!

Size 8"
Family Dog
Occasion No

Customer Reviews

Excellent quality, fast delivery, this was one of the Bears selected by my daughters friends, the little girl loved filling out its birth certificate too

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