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Looking for a gift to bring a smile to someone's face and to wish them a quick recovery from illness or injury? Maybe you should consider a get well soon teddy bear, a great way to say "get well soon" for kids and adults alike. Nobody likes being ill or having an injury, especially if it means they are confined to bed or even worse, need a trip to the hospital, this is where a teddy bear from Be My Bear can help. A get well soon teddy bear is more than a gift, it's also a companion who can accompany both children and adults during hospital visits and doctors appointments, their own friend who can stay with them during their road to recovery. Some of our get well gifts also contain a sound recorder allowing you to record a special message for your loved one.

Make your loved one smile by giving them the gift of a get well soon teddy bear to accompany them through life's ups and downs.

Hand-Picked Get Well Soon Teddy Bears

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Looking For Added Entertainment Value?

Sometimes if you're stuck in a hospital because of an injury such as a broken leg, there may be a lot of waiting around with nothing much to do... Well if this is the case, why not consider buying your loved one a Make Your Own Bear kit from Be My Bear? Make Your Own Bear kits offer a similar experience to Build-A-Bear but in a place of your own choosing. So if your loved one is stuck waiting around for tests or just stuck on the sofa at home, making their very own teddy bear or stuffed animal could be a welcome break from boredom! You can still personalise with get well soon gift accessories, but they can have the added fun involved in building their own bear.

Make Your Own Bear Kits

Personalise Your Get Well Soon Gift

Everyone likes a gift that has been tailored to them, so we've made your life easier by listing some amazing add-on items and optional accessories below. We also have personalised t-shirts for your get well soon teddy bear.


If you snap a photo of your loved one and their new bear friend for social media, then please do consider tagging in @bemybear and also using the hashtag #ShareYourBear. If you do we may just feature it here on the Be My Bear website in the gallery below.


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