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Monkey 8" Animal Kit
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  • Monkey 8" Animal Kit
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Monkey 8" Animal Kit

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Our brown and tan monkey is a little cheeky, but certainly earns the name cuddle monkey with soft fur perfect for lots of hugs.

This kit contains Monkey 8" bear skin, super-soft stuffing, heart charm, birth certificate, party invitation and deluxe carry bag.

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Our cheeky little chimp just loves monkeying around so often gets into mischief. But he is so super cute that he can get away with it ! Most monkeys have tails like him and can be divided into two groups - Old World living in Africa and Asia and New World from South America so he is very particular about his family line and also about making the distinction between apes and monkeys. He is from Africa and lives in trees eating a variety of foods such as insects, fruit, flowers and leaves – in fact he will eat almost anything whether it smells good or bad ! There are more than 260 species of monkey and they are regarded as being very intelligent as well as being a little bit naughty. Our monkey is very friendly and sociable and interacts well with humans but sometimes he and his friends cause damage to crops and are regarded as pests rather than friends. He has a cute button nose – he is very glad he is not a proboscis monkey – they live in Australia and Borneo and have very long noses which is not their most attractive feature ! He and his family are very affectionate and spend hours grooming each other, speaking their own language together and alerting each other to danger. One other fun fact is that the monkey is the ninth animal which appears on the Chinese Zodiac, last appearing as the Zodiac sign in 2016.

Size 8"
Family Monkey
Occasion No

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