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Rainbow Drop 8" Bear Kit

Rainbow Drop 8" Bear Kit

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Our little Rainbow Drop will bring a smile to your face because she is a colourful character who loves all things bright and beautiful.

This kit contains Rainbow Drop 8" animal skin, super-soft stuffing, heart charm, birth certificate, party invitation and deluxe carry bag.

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Our little Rainbow Drop will bring a smile to your face because she is a colourful character who loves all things bright and beautiful. Her favourite song has to be “Somewhere over the Rainbow” a ballad written for the musical Wizard of Oz and she loves the original version sung by Judy Garland. She is also partial to Rainbow Trout particularly when she comes out of hibernation and needs feeding up and she would like to join the Girl Guide Rainbow group when she is five.

She knows the meaning of her name - that rainbows happen when beams of sunlight separate into the colours as they enter a raindrop. If the white light beam hit raindrops on the way down, the different colours that make up the beam split up so that we can see them as a rainbow.

There are seven colours in a rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet but in the Lloyd Weber musical Joseph’s technicoloured dream coat featured a whole lot more – 29 in fact from scarlet and black and ochre and peach, to lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve.

She would like to find the leprechaun with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but finding the end of a rainbow is sort of like trying to walk to the end of your own shadow so she has to content herself with creating her own dazzling display with her very own coat of many colours !

Size 8"
Family Bear
Occasion No

Customer Reviews

We ordered 10 rainbow drop bears for my sons 3rd birthday party. The kids loved it but needed some help from the adults. We used some wooden spoons and chopsticks to squeeze all the wool in.
Would highly recommend but maybe do for age 4 so they don’t need too much help.
Good quality and value for money. Good customer service!
I ordered a selection of bears for my daughters 4th birthday party, all of them were great quality and have definitely made it through the cuddle test from my little girl! All of the children who attended the party loved choosing and making their new best friend.. the selection was great offering something for everyone! Rainbow drop bear was my daughters choice and is lovely and fluffy with and a great size for! Couldn't be happier with the service and products! Such a great way to make a party!
Laura Tomlinson

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