Heartbeat Bears

Our Heartbeat Bears are the perfect companion for expectant parents. These special bears allow you to record and preserve the unique sound of your baby's heartbeat during routine ultrasounds or baby scans. Imagine the joy and wonder of hearing your little one's heartbeat whenever you need a reminder of the miracle growing inside you.

To use our heartbeat teddy bears, simply bring them with you to your routine ultrasound appointment. Our bears come with a recording device that allows you to capture and store your baby's heartbeat. With just a push of a button, you can listen to the comforting rhythm that will forever remind you of this special time.

The soft and huggable nature of our heartbeat teddy bears provides comfort and reassurance during pregnancy and beyond. These bears become more than just a toy; they become a cherished keepsake that symbolises the love and anticipation felt during this incredible journey.

Our heartbeat bears make thoughtful gifts for expectant parents or a beautiful addition to your own collection of treasured memories. They serve as a reminder of the bond between parent and child, capturing the essence of a miraculous moment in time.

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