Guide: How to best draw on our teddy bear t-shirts

Creating the next Picasso on the front of a teddy bear t-shirt can sometimes be tricky.  Although lots of fun for children and adults alike, precision can sometimes be lost with the fabric of the t-shirt having a tendency to move under the pressure of moving fabric pens.  Luckily, here at Be My Bear we've been doing this for so long that we've come up with some tips and tricks (as well as downloads) that can help!

Top Tips & Tricks

  • If you're having trouble with fabric moving about when creating your own custom teddy t-shirts then consider downloading our t-shirt templates which you can print out, trace onto cardboard and cut-out as inserts whilst you finish your creations. The cardboard inserts stop the t-shirt from gathering and makes drawing on the fabric easier.  We have two downloads available, one designed for 8" teddy t-shirts and one design for 16" t-shirts which you can download from your account.  Please note you'll need to be logged into the Be My Bear website to access these downloads.
  • To ensure the best possible results when drawing and colouring on your teddy bear t-shirts from Be My Bear it's advisable to remove any dust or cutting room debris before using your fabric pens on the t-shirts. Just run a lint roller over the front and back of the t-shirt a few times and you should be ready to go!
  • Use stencils to create lovely designs on your teddy t-shirts. Fabric pens work really well with stencils and the stencil acts as a press, helping stop the t-shirt material from gathering and spoiling your designs.
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