How to Guides

Guide: How to best draw on our teddy bear t-shirts

Creating the next Picasso on the front of a teddy bear t-shirt can sometimes be tricky.

Guide: How to build your animal or bear making kit from Be My Bear

There is nothing quite like building your very own teddy bear or stuffed animal.

Guide: How to clean your teddy bear or stuffed animal from Be My Bear

Let's face it... Well loved teddy bears and stuffed animals get dirty and sometimes need to be cleaned, but what's the best way to clean your Be My Bear teddy without ruining it?

Guide: How to have your order delivered to a BFPO address

When you wish to have your Be My Bear order delivered to a BFPO (British Forces Post Office), due to the delivery information required we need you to enter information in a very specific way. Below you will find a handy guide which will help to avoid issues with delivery to BFPO addresses.

Guide: How to record a message using our sound recorders

Recording a message on your Be My Bear sound recorder is quick and simple. Please take a look at the instructions below.

Guide: How to replace a battery in our sound recorders

When the battery of your sound recorder finally runs out you don't need to worry about losing your precious recording. Your sound is safely stored on the internal memory if your sound recorder, even without battery power. Please note that the battery replacement process can be a little fiddly so it may be worth finding a willing friend to help out if you don't feel confident opening up the sound recorder and following the instructions below.

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